Thursday, December 5, 2013

Finished LiveCD project; moving on to SAP

So I finished - for real this time - the LiveCD project.  In the end, it was something I was very proud of. The user can log in to the work LAN from home, and it is easy and intuitive.  The boss likes it, and in the end I made it far broader than I originally planned, so that much more can be accomplished and the user can get a taste of Ubuntu Linux, maybe helping us to start replacing Windows machines with Linux machines.

Now that I've finished that project, I've been tasked with learning to administer SAP, a product we use here.  When I say "I've been tasked with learning to administer SAP" it is similar to saying I've been tasked with learning Mandarin Chinese - reading, writing, speaking and understanding the spoken language like a native - and just for fun, learning to write it in mirror format so I can hold written documents up to the mirror and have them be readable.

You see, SAP is a ***HUGE*** database system suitable for accounting, personnel management, and a host of other things.  Just learning the interface will probably take me a month or more.  Diving into the possible things that can be done with it another month.  Troubleshooting when it doesn't work as expected?  The rest of my life probably.

But that's okay, because I think the boss will give me a few weeks to accomplish all of the above.  :-)

I still remember when I first began playing with DOS on a minimal workstation, thinking, "Man! Wouldn't it be cool to just support people using computers for a living?  I already do that, but it's not my job.  Man, I'd have it made in the shade if that's all I had to do every day!"

Remember, people:  be careful what you wish for!   You might just get it!   :-)

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